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Friday, May 2, 2014


This week has been a week of sorts, Kevin turned 25 on Monday!! IT was fun but probably more fun for me. Kevin never gets into holidays, birthdays or really anything. I am the opposite, I get all jazzed up about any reason to celebrate, to throw a party or to go shopping! We got to enjoy dinner at Olive Garden but cut it short on the account of a fussy baby whom we love so much. Wednesday and Thursday were a blur me and Kevin both felt really sick to our stomachs and Kevin was really lightheaded and felt like he was going to pass out. Let me tell you being sick isn't that hard, until you have a sweet precious baby who depends on you so much. We will cut this pity party short and just say we are still a little spazzed and sleep deprived. Not alone trying to get my homework in before it's due, and thinking will I really be able to finish this.This week I have been having a struggle with myself. Am I being a good enough mom? Am I giving Klay all the attention he needs? Is he developing right, am I feeding him to much? I want to speed up time yet he's growing up too fast. Then I turn to myself man it has already been 2 months and this baby weight.. oh hello there, yupp it's still there and those stretch marks I can go ahead and live with the fact that they will always be there. It's hard sometimes, I feel like especially in California that all the girls are SO tiny. They have a baby and boom they are back to where they were before they even began. My point is life is hard, people are always going to have bigger and better things but there is always someone who will have it worse than I do to. It's times like these I am grateful to just think about the many things I do have! Klayton & Kevin The gospel & scriptures Loving parents &siblings Life in general, where its always sunny and 75+ A place to live, a car to drive, and food to eat It's the simple things, Here are some things that have made me happy this week :)

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  1. I can't wait to just hold that little guy. He is so darn cute and sweet. I love ya Shayla. Just know we all as mom go through the am reality it is satan. he wants us to question he wants us to see ourselves than less than we are. I think what you are doing is great. You and I are very blessed. We just lose that sometimes. Your beautiful inside and out. Your an amazing mom and work hard. What has helped me is praying for the ability to see myself like God does, being able to be just enough and have just enough and have it simple. Can't wait to see you soon. Love ya :)